Round leather laces

Our round leather laces in natural design boast the highest sales figures. In addition to the natural-colour version, we also offer coloured round laces, but in a limited range of colours. The standard colours are black and dark brown. The belts are drawn through an immersion bath with an aniline leather dye. We do not use paint for this, because you as a customer should still feel that it is leather. The dyes are colour-fast but are deliberately designed to not completely cover the leather’s surface, but penetrate the leather superficially. Possible colour variants also include cognac and bordeaux red or other pastel tones. Of course, we also offer you round laces in vibrant, fashionable paints according to your needs.

The raw materials used consist of choice Southern German or Southern European skins, which are worked into a finished round lace in the course of many steps at our factory. It goes without saying that all our belts have been cut round in line with the belt-cutting tradition and not rolled!

The single version of our round laces is 2.5 mm to 7 mm thick and the double-layered version, glued together and sewn, ranges from 8 mm to 12 mm thick. We do not always have custom-made products in stock but manufacture them on demand.

  • Polyurethane round lace, various diameters
  • By the meter or endless
  • Bend leather round lace (not split leather)
  • Custom-made products on demand

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