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The Bantlin company looks back on over 140 years of experience in the processing of technically sophisticated leather tanned with tannin and chrome. We rely on high-quality raw materials such as cowhide, buffalo, or kangaroo leather. Kangaroo leather is mainly employed in the fashion and crafting sector, since it boasts very robust and extremely tear-resistant properties.
Bantlin is the only manufacturer in Germany to offer bend leather round laces that have been wet-drawn.

Bantlin – Quality that makes an impression
We repair drive belts and conveyor belts and put them into operation. Depending on the needs of our customers, who especially appreciate our fast and flexible order processing. We thus guarantee short delivery times. The company Leder Reinhardt GmbH, oneof the biggest leather retailers in Europe, provides us with competent support in selecting our raw materials.
We ensure our high quality through:

  • the selection of choice raw materials and skins of European origin
  • low production tolerances and strict ongoing product inspections
  • intense cooperation with the leather expert Leder Reinhardt GmbH
  • products still ‘handmade in Germany’, even today


Martin Janessa
Managing Director of Bantlin GmbH

The passion for leather builds bonds

This is what makes Bantlin GmbH’s team stand apart. Strong corporate values rooted in a family-owned company and that still hold true today: open, honest and trustful dealings with each other, as well as with business partners and customers. Our customers always take centre stage.

Presenting our team:

  • Martin Janessa, certified business administrator, Managing Director and owner
  • Sebastian Bantlin
  • Stefan Istepanian
  • Andreas Lewczuk
  • Kasia Lewczuk
  • Martina Fernandez-Sanchez
  • Christoph Neth

We at Bantlin, make many things possible:
flexible, fast, customer-oriented, and at fair prices

Give us a call or arrange an appointment. You can also just e-mail us. We would be happy to advise you.

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