Flat belts and special belts

We make our ‘conventional leather drive belts’ using choicebutt or chrome leather in premium quality, as well as polyamide/chrome-tanned split combinations (NCS). The raw material of our flat belts is sourced from the Central European region.

Whether bend leather flat belts, plastic chrome-tanned split (NCS belts), high-performance flat belts, or rubber fabric belts, we can help you select the best variant of our products on offer.

Our range of special belts includes endless woven belts, pure leather V-belts, and various types of toothed belts.

All our flat and special belts are available in various lengths and widths, fused together in endless form or linked together using hook connectors.

  • F bend leather flat belts
  • F plastic chrome-tanned split (NCS belts)
  • F high-performance flat belts
  • F rubber webbing belts
  • S endless woven belts
  • S V-belts – pure leather V-belts
  • S toothed belts

We at Bantlin, make many things possible:
flexible, fast, customer-oriented, and at fair prices

Give us a call or arrange an appointment. You can also just e-mail us. We would be happy to advise you.

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